Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pulut Gaul Nyor, The Simplest Breakfast!

photo credit: photosantai.com

Pulut Gaul Nyor
is basically sticky glutinous rice ball coated with grated fresh coconut. Here in Aberdeen I used dessicated coconut instead - a tad bit dry but better than no coconut at all. This local's favourite is a very popular menu for breakfast in Terengganu that you can practically find this in any local food stalls here from early morning.

How to make it is super easy! First, cook the glutinous rice just like any normal white rice but don't forget to soak it for about an hour beforehand. Then prepare the coconut coating by mixing the coconut with salt and sugar (it must be a bit sweet). After the rice is cooked, cooled it off for a while and make palm-sized balls out it. Then roll the balls in the coconut mix. Fry or grill a fish (selayang would be perfect), to eat together with the rice balls. Now that's the way to start the day!

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